Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Bride of Re-Animator

Body Melt will be bringing to the masses Electronic Music PARTIES/RAVES that focus on live knob twiddling button bashing banging sets by top artists and producers from the UK and Europe. Over two rooms our far reaching music policy ranges from:

Room 1 (Body Melt) Underground Electro, Acid, Braindance, Electronix, Industrial/EBM, New Beat and any other kind of electronic machine music beyond or between that, that gets us and the floor worked up.

Room 2 (Holy Mountain) A musical joyride into hell and the element of hallucinatory surprise, this can range from Psyche, Drone, Hip Hop, Breakcore, Black Metal, Avandt Garde Composition, Soundtracks, Krautrock, Industrial Techno, Power Electronics, Disco or 80’s cheese...cinematic visuals to aid the journey!

Our main aim is too throw raging parties for people who want to give theimselves up to to the beat and the moment, driven forward by exciting forward thinking producers who aim to set your body and your mind into overdrive.


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