Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Born out of frustration and passion in equal measure Body Melt is our Re-Animating injection to a complacent and cliquey night life scene within Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Predominantly an Electronic Music night heavily radiating phresh Electro - Acid - Braindance - Electronix vibes on the dancefloor.

We always try to use as much space within venues we invade and conspire with friends and comrades to provide "other" aural and visual sensory delights as a counterpoint to the Rave sensations of the main room; 80's schlock horror, art house films, art and esoteric mad mongey music of any varieties within different areas of the building make the party to us feel like somewhere you can wander around and experience new and different pleasures depending on where your heads being at a cool festival or something.

Mutants, Miscreants, Freaks, Geeks, Friends unite, the night belongs to us - come out to play!!!

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