Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Body Melt 2: The Meltdown 17.06.11

A fantastic night that not only boasted a body rocking live set from Rephlex legend DMX Krew but a real stormer on the Electroid/Technoid tip from Glasgows Soundex Phonetic. Improved sound and bunch of new DJ's kicked this night up a few gears for us. Props to everyone who played, helped out in some way or made it down to guys rock!!!

Soundex Phonetic is another cool Glasgow dude and has a number of digital releases available through Paul Blackfords excellent Militant Science label, he also released a corking 12" on Pomolo Records under his god given name of Steven Patton.

Check out his free album Metaphonic here:
New trax and works in progress here:

He's also a shit hot DJ and was thoughtful enough to record a special Body Melt mix just for us without even being prompted, what a guy!

We didn't ask Ed what kid of set he was going to play until on the night but we were quite chuffed when he replied "pretty much just hard Techno"...wahey! He was armed with some kool kit, a Roland TB-303, FX, Akai MPC 100, Laptop, and a Microphone for his live vocals which got the crowd going bezerkahz. The night looked pretty sweet visually thanks to Edmx's custom visual show and a cool little shop in Sandyford that sorted us out with a number of buzzin lazers and disco lights. Rave essentials!

Ed kindly let us put a sample of his live set from the night up on our Mixcloud so you can either reminisce or wonder why you weren't there in the first place!

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